Frequently Asked Questions

Q What do I have to bring with me?

While we plan NOT to get wet, this can't be guaranteed, so bringing a complete change of clothing and a  towel is advisable.  We will provide waterproof cagoule (top), bouyancy aid and where possible neoprene boots.

If you have a pair of waterproof trousers and a hat, do bring them.  We carry a comprehensive first-aid kit.  If the weather is at all sunny, wearing sunscreen is advisable (you are exposed to twice as much sun on the water).

Even on a short trip carrying a drink and a snack is important and we will provide a large dry sack for anything you bring.  NB. we can't guarantee that mobile phones and cameras will stay dry.

Q Where are we based?

We do not operate from just one location. A major advantage for our operation is that we are mobile and can choose a trip which suits both the weather conditions and the customer's location.

We have many different canoe trails on lakes, river and canals, here in the North West of Ireland.

Q Will I get wet?

It is possible but we do try to avoid getting wet.  One of the reasons why we enjoy canoeing so much is that we don't have to wear a wetsuit, comfortable clothes are suitable and denim is not recommended.

The Canadian Canoe is a safe and stable craft, but sometimes it rains!

Q I am not a strong swimmer, is this OK?

Yes as long as you are water-confident.  We insist that all our clients wear the properly adjusted buoyancy aids that we provide.

Q I am asthmatic, is this a problem?

Before we go out on the water, we ask participants to let us know of any relevant medical problems or allergies and advise them to carry their medication on the trip.  We have up-to-date first aid qualifications and carry a mobile phone in a waterproof case for emergencies.

Q Is the trip cancelled if the weather is bad?

It may be.  In extreme weather conditions canoeing is not a pleasurable activity.  We will always try to offer an alternative less weather-dependant location or reschedule your trip.  As our name suggests we are not a high adrenaline activity, we are about relaxing, gentle exercise and safe enjoyment !

Q I am left handed, does this make a difference?

No difference at all, Graham will give you full instruction on the different paddling strokes which are performed on both sides of the canoe in any case. 

Q My daughter has special needs, she loves the water, would this be a good activity for her?

We have had experience canoeing with young people who have special needs and as with anyone if they are comfortable around water, it is a very rewarding experience (for us as well as the participants). For example, we had one mum whose daughter is austistic tell us that she (the daughter) was relaxed, calm and content after spending an hour with us out in the canoe. Although it is sometimes difficult to calculate how much someone is learning, the fact that they are out there is often enough to make a difference to their lives. We have taken people out with physical disabilities and with patience and a little adapation, this activity is suitable for a wide range of abilities.  We take so much pleasure helping people to achieve what they think they are capable of and exceeding it, in a safe, enjoyable way.

Q Where do we meet for trips?

We usually meet at a mutually agreeed location, normally the starting point of the trip, for example, Hazelwood Bay, Sligo is the starting point for several of our trips.  This will be arranged in advance over the phone.

Q Could I arrange a trip for my club?

Yes, we are delighted to take out different clubs and organisations. The maximum number of participants we can take on the water at any one time is 10, two people per boat and remember there is a discount for groups. So Art groups, walking groups, active age groups, historical groups, sports clubs, youth groups, all are very, very welcome!

Q I don't have transport, is this a problem?

We are unable to provide transport for clients but some of our put in points (starting points) are within walking distance of Dromahair and Sligo, for example, Lake Isle of Inishfree, Doorley Park, Hazelwood Bay, Sligo.

Q I am thinking of buying a canoe, could you give me some advice. Also does Adventure Gently give lessons? I want to be skilled enough to canoe by myself.

Yes we can advise, we have five different models of canoe you can try.   Yes, Graham is a qualified coach, lessons can be arranged either in groups or individually, please contact us to discuss your options.  Whilst solo canoeing has its own appeal, there is safety in numbers. River and weather conditions are changeable and in the event of a capsize, having help makes rescue much easier, Graham can also offer 'learn to rescue and be rescued' sessions.  Graham and Adrienne are currently in the process of starting a Canadian Canoe Club in the area, anyone interested should contact us directly.

Q Is there a maximum / minimum age for Canadian Canoeing?

Not really, there is no upper age limit, the only factor would be physical capability.  We have a very limited range of childrens sizes in buoyancy aids. Family groups please contact us to discuss your options. 


Q I am interested in sketching or painting from the water or islands, would this be possible?

Yes, this would be a wonderful and inspiring thing to do.  In Canadian canoeing, both paddlers do not have to paddle all of the time, so you could sketch from the front of the boat and your paddling partner could paddle at the rear.

Or you could go ashore and paint.

There would be plenty of space in the canoe for your art gear.

Adrienne would be interested in developing art classes as a part of conoeing activity.

You can get a completely fresh perspective from a canoe.

Q Are there any local canoe clubs or groups that canoe regularly?

Graham and Adrienne are currently in the process of starting a Canadian Canoe Club in the area, anyone interested should contact us directly.

Also locally, Sligo Kayak Club is an active white water kayak club...

Contact us today to discuss your canoe trip!