Big Days Out

Adventure Gently, Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks and Electric Bike Trails have joined forces to give you a really BIG DAY OUT IN LEITRIM, three activities all rolled into a fun day.

The day’s activity consists of a guided walk, a trip on a Canadian Canoe and a cycle on an electric bike. You can gather mushrooms, berries and treasured memories on a nature, archaeology and foraging walk with local guides from Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks; you can explore Leitrim’s waterways by Canadian Canoe, a safe and stable craft suitable for all ages and abilities and discover a new prospective on Leitrim’s glorious scenery with Adrienne and Graham from Adventure Gently; you can get the electric bike experience by taking a leisurely cycle on a quiet country road as you pedal effortlessly over the rolling hills of the magical drumlin belt with Seamus and Eileen from Electric Bike Trails.

Events can be organised on request for 10 or more people.

adventure gently and Big Days Out in Leitrim

Electric Bike Trails and Big Days Out in Leitrim

Big Days Out in Leitrim and Leitrim Landscapes